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Zemplén Ifjúsági és Sport Innovációs Egyesület (Zemplén Youth and Sports Innovative Association), founded in 1988, is one of the oldest youth associations of Nagykanizsa. Our most important fields of activity are duties associated with the youth, sports, recreation and environment protection. Zala County’s General Assembly has awarded our organization with Standard Prize in 2005 for our outstanding job of supporting the youth, thus augmenting the fame of Zala county.

Our mission

We help the youth of the area surrounding Nagykanizsa city to spend their free time in a culturally valuable way, with the aim of providing them with qualitative lifestyle to perpetuate their optimal physical, psychical and intellectual skills. One of our most important goals is to give our citizens-to-be a life model in a familiar atmosphere. We organize youth programs that help in the formation and development of a youth community, operate a youth office, a community space and a non-profit site for news and services for their benefit. We also provide them with the possibility of regular sporting and exercising.
  • 15 persons out of the 50-pesron board of members are experts in the fields of youth affairs and pedagogy, management, law, economy and urbanistics. Our jobs in different projects are further supported by 15-20 activists of the given fields. Our services are used by approximately 5.000 - 10.000 people on a yearly basis.
  • Joining arms with our partner association Nagykanizsai Civil Kerekasztal Egyesület (Civil Round Table of Nagykanizsa) we operate the so-called Youth and Civil Services Office in the building of Halis István Library, sharing the expenses among ourselves. The office is open 8 hours a day, the number of editorial staff here consists of 5 members, managed by Mr. Kálmán Budavölgyi, the leader of our association.
  • Our association established and has since then been editing the Non-profit Internet Site of Regional Youth and Sports (http://ifjusag.com/).
  • Together with our partner association Aranyfény Civil Egyesület (Goldenlight Civil Association) we operate a Youth Community Roomat 3/D Munkás street, Nagykanizsa.
Social Activity

Our association's chairman is a collegiate of the Western Transdanubean Regional College of National Civil Program.
We take srong part in promoting our area's district- and town-development. Our chairman is the leader of Civil Conciliatory Forum that works with the Multi-Goal Association of Nagykanizsa Area.
We are founding members of Civil Round Table of Nagykanizsa, which aggregates 360 civil associations of Nagykanizsa. This organization is presided by Mr. Kálmán Budavölgyi, who is - at the same time - the leader of Sports and Recreation Groups of Workers within the association (with 10 groups of workers).
Our association's chairman is the general editor of Online Dél-Zala (http://civiliroda.eu/onlinedz/index.php) civil news portal of the South-Transdanubean region and Kanizsai párbeszéd (http://www.civiliroda.eu/parbeszed/) local community development portal. He is also a civil reporter of Zalai Hírlap daily news of Zala County.
Kálmán Budavölgyi is a member of the Cultural Board of Nagykanizsa  and the Hungarian Association of Shuttlecock.
Our prior projects for the youth
Day of Seeing the Truth
We have been organizing our prior project for the youth called the Day of Seeing the Truth
since 2007. The aim of this program is to introduce young citizens to democracy as a form of life and to endear it with them. We encourage children and teenagers to participate in local public life and to exercise their interests. We offer them an insight into the ways of taking part in democracy as such, and in the meantime we try and set the roots of social responsibility in them. Another aim of our program is to form a community of the local youth while organizing, realizing and evaluating community-forming programs such as workshops, sport contests, rock concerts and meditation courses. We would also like to make bonds stronger between participating associations, for us to be able to realize further projects by helping each other and further developing the ideas of one another, thus achieving even stronger representation in local public life. As the final chord of the project we have organized the Day of Seeing the Truth (local youth conference of the surrounding area of Nagykanizsa), the test-day of the democracy of the youth.
Thematic youth camp
We have been organizing thematic youth camps in Zala county since 2007, with the participation of children and adolescents from the age of 10 to 22. The main themes of the camps are youth and sport activities, with the method of the so-called star-hiking, starting out from a central point by bicycle every day, visiting the most valuable natural sights of the county, our partnering youth associations and the prominent bathes of Zala. We provide participants with a wide range of programs including presentations in the field of drug prevention, sport contests, youth reunions, workshops of project management, sport presentations and creative workshops.
Alig-Vár Charity Youth Camp(Can Hardly Wait Charity Youth Camp)
We have been organizing youth camps for disabled children since 2004, with the participation of 25 handicapped children every year, using an alternative financing method developed by our association. The essence of this method is to realize the camp without any governmental aid, using the incomes of a campaign among local sponsoring associations and companies. The manager of the camps has been Mr. Kálmán Budavölgyi since the very beginning of the project.
Running the Youth and Civil Services Office of Nagykanizsa
We operate this non-profit office with a 5-members staff 8 hours a day, collaborating with our partner association, the Civil Round Table. Our services include:
  • Non-profit business counseling
  • Patronizing civil associations
  • Development of economy and local society
  • Creation of a more efficient social network
  • Operation of non-profit online news sites
  • Participation in social and caritative missions
Operating Youth Community Room

Together with our partner association Aranyfény Civil Egyesület (Goldenlight Civil Association) we operate a youth community room at 3/D Munkás street, Nagykanizsa. This is the place where we organize our trainings, programs for smaller amount of visitors, quizzes, club activities and meetings of the organizing team. In our mini-galery we present the audience with artworks of amateur artists.
Sport activities
We have been organizing the annual National Shuttlecock Youth Championship since 1996. Our association is the host of Student Olympics for high school students of age groups V., VI. and VII., and primary school students of age group III. and IV. Furthermore, we are hosts of qualifying matches of National and European Championship for first rank players twice a year. It is also our association that has one of the most powerful bases of Hungarian student sports’ junior leagues in the field of shuttlecock. We organize 6 to 8 shuttlecock presentations in Western Transdanubia on a yearly basis.
Members of our shuttlecock association who study in Budapest run a women’s department in Maglódi street.

A member of our association, Mr. József Simon has inherited a 11 million forints debt from his parents, together with a 3-room flat, which he had to give up for the above reason. We organized a charity concert to help the Simon family and joined a county-wide campaign, thus collecting a sum of 3 million forints for the troubled family.

Mr. Kálmán Budavölgyi has initiated a charity saving for the family of Mrs. Elvira Zseli Sabján, deceased in the Rex Alps in tragic circumstances. Elvira was an employee of Zala County Court, responsible for civil affairs. Since expenses of returning and burying her cost over one million forints, it was necessary to start a fundraising.

With our partner association Civil Round Table, alongside helping families in need we also participate in the rehabilitation of our county’s architectural monuments of high priority. Our freshest project is the restoration and re-functionalization of Látóhegy Chapel with social teamwork.

Running Non-profit Internet Site of Regional Youth and Sports (http://ifjusag.com/).

We have been operating a non-profit internet service site of regional youth and sport affairs under the domain name ifjusag.com since 2007. The web page offers fresh information on the youth- and cultural life of the county day by day and provides visitors (over 100.000 people) with useful non-profit documents.
Contact details:
Zemplén Ifjúsági és Sport Innovációs Egyesület
3/B. Munkás road
Nagykanizsa, 8800, Hungary

E-mail: buda59@gylcomp.hu
Web: http://ifjusag.com/
Account: HU52 7400 0542 1004 1307 0000 0000